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Low temperature data logger [Product print page]

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Product Name: Low temperature data logger
Product Model: WS-T11LPRO
Product Provider: other brand
Product Documentation: No Related Documents

Product Descriptions

Measuring a range of temperature -86~70℃ with accuracy ±0.5℃, without any special software to download data and all settings done with four keys on the main board, WASON low temperature data logger(PRO-serial)performs perfectly in low temperature conditions.

Product Details

⊕  No special software required to download data

⊕  Advanced authentic USB communication applied without the need for simulation

⊕  The interchangeability of the probe is good 

⊕  Re-calibration function 

⊕  ℃/℉ selectable 

⊕  Multi process recording

⊕  IP65 water-proof grade, applicable for harsh environment

⊕  Low power consumption. Battery Life: 3years

⊕  ABS plastic, Double cavity design

⊕  LCD displays temperature, humidity, time, battery, capacity, alarm


Temperature range 
Temperature accuracy 
Temperature resolution 
Data capacity 
60000 groups
Logging interval 
 Selectable from 1second to 24 hours
Refresh rate 
1 second
Alarm model 
Temperature limit alarm(display and voice prompt)
Communication connection
Battery life 
1~3 years(depends on refresh rate)
Storage environment 
Accessories included
USB data line, hardware specifications, conformity certification, warranty card

Using Methods:

Method 1): No driver operation
1. According to instructions, complete all settings through the four keys on the host.
2. Start the logger after completing all sets.

3. Stop the logger and connect to the computer with USB cable to download data.

Method 2): Use specialized software(when you have a higher request for data analysis)
1. Copy the green logger software to computer which can be used when you open it(installation-free).
2. Connect the logger to your computer and complete parameter settings.

3. Free the logger from computer and place it to the environment that you want to monitor.

4. Connect the logger to your computer, open the software to check history data, history curve, data statistics and to output data like data printing or format converting.

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