Dual/double external probe sound & light ultralow temperature data logger[Product print page]

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Product Name: Dual/double external probe sound & light ultralow temperature data logger
Product Model: WS-T21SLAC2
Product Provider: other brand
Product Documentation: No Related Documents

Product Descriptions

Recording a range of temperature -200~0℃ with accuracy ±0.3~1℃, WASON dual/double external probe sound-light alarm ultralow temperature data logger(C2-serial) is able to alert when temperature exeeds limit through connecting to an external sound-light alarm. Dual probe design makes it possible to detect temperature at two sites simultaneously.

Product Details

⊕ External sound & light alarm

 Dual/double external ultralow temperature sensor 

⊕ USB communication
⊕ Large LCD display, easy to read 
⊕ Real-time clock 
⊕ ℃/℉ selectable 
⊕ Large-capacity data storage 
⊕ MAX/MIN data inquire by the query button


Sensor model  Temperature 
Temperature range  -200~0℃
Accuracy  ±0.3~1℃
Display resolution  0.1
Storage resolution  0.1
Data capacity  41600 groups
Sample interval  User selectable (intervals from 1second to 24 hours)  
Display refresh  Fast refresh (1s), synchronization(save power)
Start-up mode  Immediately start, timing start, manual start 
Stop mode 

Storage until full, first in first out, storage until given times reached,

timing stop

Alarm mode  LCD screen prompts, built-in buzzer alarm, flashing prompt, sound-light alarm
Host battery  3.6v Lithium battery, 2 years time in service (depends on refresh rate)
Clock battery CR2032
External power supply  9v Dc Adapter (optional)
Communication  USB
Dimensions 109×102×30㎜
Weight  About 200g

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